My story (or the not so old man and the sea - without Hemmingway)

Even as a young boy the sea inspired me - and here – especially that in vacation at the the sea my parents spent chips and ice cream (and significantly more often than at home) and I could collect sea shells. Kilos, I have dragged and left the cleaning up and sorting after the holiday to my parents.
But they did not have the necessary seriously for this job.
A lot of my precious treasures has been "disposed of" in my parents' garden under the Rodondendron - future archeologists will be surprised to find seashells a few hundert miles away from the sea.

It still fascinates me to collect and to watch shells, snail shells and other flotsam. - conceived and created by our Creator God - wonderful monuments of nature!
 After many years of collecting and sorting (I do that by my own now – it´s more secure), I began to make my first picture in 2005.
This birthday gift for my wife has been for a long time a single piece.

Then many new ideas matured how to improve these artworks to make them even more beautiful and livelier.
Other works of art were added - and the joy of production and on the finished art works continually increased. So I spend a lot of time now in my small workshop to implement all the ideas.
I would love to form your wishes, holiday memories and ideas in a magnificent three-dimensional artwork from the ocean to conserve your holidy memories.

My claim is to offer the highest quality. This is crucial to transform a simple shell, a piece of driftwood or a snail shell to an permanent value.
Be it through the perfect technical production of the frame, the color selection of the mat, the arranging of the objects or the gilding of individual pieces - everything has to fit together to create a full picture, which is according to your expectations.
Solingen / NRW / Deutschland

You´ll find my workshop, me and my sea shells in Solingen, a small town in the „Bergisches Land“, near Cologne and Duesseldorf (but unfortunately about 250km away from the the sea).
If I have piqued your interest, please visit me. So you can have a view to my pictures in the original, you can get to know me and my workshop and we could discuss your ideas for your image with having a cup of coffee or tea.
Of course you can give an order for your picture by phone or by mail. Regularly photos and feedback during the production process will make sure that you will realy like your finished picture.
A short mail is enough to start, I look forward to my next job!

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
The bible Romans 1:20

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