1. For the preparation I need sufficient amounts of sand and of course the desired objects. As a rule, about 300ml of sand are (as dry and clean) sufficient for an image up to 40x40cm.
  2. In order to implement your ideas, it is advantageous, if we can talk about your wishes and ideas in person or by phone. Afterwards I will create a draft and send you a photo of this by mail. So you can get an idea of your final image. At this point we can still change every detail.
  3. If the image is completed, you will receive a photo. Then you decide if you like the finished picture and if you want to purchase it. Only then I request the transfer and send the image to you. In this way - if not satisfied – there are no cost for you and there is no obligation to purchase the finished work of art. This is true to an image size of 20x20cm and does not apply to images with anti-reflective glass or glass museum.
  4. In the following cases, I request a deposit: larger photos 20x20cm, images with anti-reflective glass, pictures with museum glass.
  5. If you don´t like the completed image, there is no obligation to buy.
    The optionally sent objects and sand then will remain in my possession. (because the objects and the sand are no longer removable from the finished artwork) The optionally deposit will not be refunded.
  6. The finished works of art are welcome to be picked up in my workshop.
    To have the opportunity to view the finished artwork in the original and to make your purchasing decision easier
  7. insured shipping is also possible (for international shipping I will sent it only insured)
  8. with your first purchase I ask you for a deposit,
    at the second (and further) purchase please pay after the artwork including the invoice arives.



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